Update to A Moral Dilemma

Decided that maybe £120 was a lot to keep that didn't belong to me – even if I thought of it a recompense for the delay the Insurer had caused me, it wasn't the Insurer who was losing the money – so I went back to Dixon's the next day, and saw the lady who had issued me the voucher. 

She said that she couldn't find a £120 discrepancy in the totals for the day before, and even though she could clearly see the mistake that had been made, she couldn't see how to rectify it on "the system" so I should just go away and keep the money.

"Giving myself a pat on the back" here – I did the right thing AND got to keep the ill-gotten loot – result and a half, methinks!

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One Response to Update to A Moral Dilemma

  1. AgentGabs says:

    YAY!see that's the karma payoff right there!::laughs::now go and spend that good hard earned cash!

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