Husband is looking to buy a pony.

Not the hoofed, lets go for a ride sort.

This pony is a spare air supply, smaller than the main one, that Scuba Divers have as an emergency supply.

Now, this comes as a cylinder, a First Stage regulator, and a (I’m assuming the name here) Second Stage regulator.  The regulators are needed to bring the air in the cylinder down from highly pressured to 1 bar – lots easier to breath that way – and it is done in two stages.

Husband’s last diving weekend, down to Poole, was cancelled (too much weather, as you can see from the Magic Seaweed site), so he saved £150.00* (petrol / gas, boat hire fee, accommodation, food, drink…) so he though “Yay – I’ll put that save money towards a new pony” and starts checking on-line sites.

Finds one pony set for £199 – good regulators, plus cylinder and clamps.

The no-brainer bit about this is that every other scuba gear site has the first stage regulator for this set costing £200 or more – then you have to pay extra for the cylinder and other bits.

How do they do this?

* And he hasn’t saved that much anyway, as he has gone to Stoney (purposely flooded quarry mostly used for training) which has cost him £50 ish!

And I thought he was good at maths!


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