Thursday Night Out

Feeling a bit fragile this morning.  Fairly usual for a Friday – Thursday night is Girls Night Out – used to be more of us, now it is just Me,  Best Friend and BFK.  We tend to drive over to BFK's house, as she lives a 40 min drive from me and Best Friend.  Used to be a 5 minute walk but she moved, damn her!

Drank and smoked more than was sensible, but that's the usual thing for us me.  I am mostly pissed cos I forgot to take my camera, so missed making a video of Mitchell chasing his tail – very cute.

BFK has four dogs at the moment – RioBear, Trevor and Byron belong to her, and she is a Hearing Dog Socialiser, so she often has one of their pups.  At the moment, she is socialising Mitchell.  Hearing Dogs for the Deaf are like Guide Dogs for the Blind – they are trained to be an aid to their owner, to let them know about the things they cannot hear – the phone is ringing, there is someone at the door, the potatoes are boiling over, the bath is full – I hadn't thought about how much hearing is for survival, not just for fun.

Here are two of her dogs asleep on the couch:

That's Trever on the left, and Byron is the Dane on the right.  Middle Pup has gone now – she is called Wanda but was mostly called That Damn Pissy Dog!  She has gone into training now, so lets hope she learns to control her bladder a lot better!


New Pup is Mitchell – here he is with Byron:

Mitchell is very smooth coated, it is like stroking silk when you stroke him.  He's very well behaved for a nine-week old pup – only problem is he is still not quite house-trained but, unlike Wanda, he seems to mind when he widdles in the wrong places.

RioBear is big and fluffy – she was once bathed using some Anti Sad and Flat shampoo, and looked like she had been in a tumble drier.  

She hates thunderstorms and fireworks and hides away.  You have to pretend you can't see her backside hanging out – if her head is hidden, she feels safe

And here is Byron – when you get to know him you understand why Scooby Doo was modelled on a Great Dane.  He is adorable and, but for the fact he can slobber for England and rest his head on the kitchen worksurfaces, I would rehome him in an instant! 

Next week our Girls Night Out is gonna be a bit different – on a Wednesday for one thing, and Nurse wil lbe there as well, cos we are off to see Pink @ Wembley Arena – she does a good gig, does Pink – better than Madonna, not as good as Bjork.

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