QotD: All My Pets

How many pets have you owned in your lifetime? Tell us about them.
Submitted by jennajellopy.vox.com.

Odie – a rescue mutt.  While I was living in Australia.  We (Boyfriend and I) were camping, it being easiest, and living on the only campsite in Melbourne to allow dogs.  Which is why,  2 months or so after her first season, we got

Grub – her pup.  Called Grub because when she and her littermates were being weaned I mixed puppy food and milk to a pink mush, put two bowls in the kennel run, and went in the tent to get my coffee.  When I came out, there were 6 brown bottoms in the air, waving 6 brown tails, and 6 little heads all busy eating, around one bowl.  And, in the other, Grub – a black dog, like her mum, now very pink and pleased with herself.  So, when we had found homes for the rest, we kept Grub.

Had to leave them with good friends when we left Oz.  Sob.  But they lived till they were both old, and died in their sleep, so that's OK.

Then I met Husband, who had

Karma & Sonja – Silver Tabby crosses – mum pedigree, dad unknown.

Then we moved to London, lived in Ealing, had Daughter, got pregnant with twins, went "Shit – this 2 bed, first floor flat, a conversion with no hall and a steep ladder to the garden just won't do any more", moved to Harrow.  Had First Son and Second Son.  Then acquired

Hungry Cat – Stray.  We had no intention of letting him stay, but he wandered in, ate the food, and let our children, aged 1,1 & 2, hug him and carry him around with no temper at all, so we changed our mind and kept him.  Plus we had three children and two cats – Second Son claimed him for his own, and so it was mote.

Sadly, all our pets are now dead.  Karma died at 18 from kidney failure.  Sonja developed cancer of the bone at the same time, but the vet disarticulated her leg (ie, took the whole leg off, taking the bone out of the socket just leaving the pelvis on that side) and she lived for a further two years, dying at 20.  Hungry died of feline enteritus just 3 months later, estimated age 13.  And we decided – no more pets.   But sometimes I really want a kitten!  Then sometimes I really want my kids to leave home, too, and am glad that, when they do, I will only have myself and Husband to care for – so, on the whole, no more pets it is.

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