QotD: I’m Grateful For…

Let's make a list.  What are 20 things in your life that you're grateful for? 
Inspired by wyndslash.vox.com.

       1.          Sunshine
2.          Bruce Willis
3.          Books
4.          Music
5.          Laughter
6.          Sex
7.          My family
8.          Cats
9.          I need not hide from planes flying overhead
10.       London
11.       Tomatoes and pepper – without either of these, I could not cook!
12.       My iPod – I think it is the greatest thing since sliced bread
13.       Soft pillows and a firm mattress
14.       The smell of clean, line-dried laundry
15.       Teflon
16.       Being healthy
17.       The internet
18.       People who do not drink and drive
19.       Sun Factor 30
20.       Clean drinking water & uncontaminated food – unlike too much of our world.  And Bob Geldof, for being our conscience about this

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