A Moral Dilemma

Back Story:

5 months ago, First Son was tossed into a pond whilst with 'friends' on a drinking spree – taking with him his iPod, his mobile (cell) phone and his portable iPod speakers.  Being sensible people, well used to the antics of teenagers, we have insurance to cover these items, and immediately made a claim.

Yesterday (yes, it really did take 5 months for the claim to be settled – details are tedious and it involves a lot of outsourcing on the part of our Insurer) we received a voucher, made out to Husband, for £400 to settle the claim.

So I took the voucher into town.  I first went to The Link, the phone store I needed to get the phone.  Yes, it is in stock.  They retrieve from stockroom, insert sim, top up credit.  I give them voucher. 

Whoops – "Sorry, your husband needs to sign this".

Not normally a problem, as Husband works 2 mins away.  But today he is Away on Business and will not be in town centre until Friday.  No probs, they will keep till then.

Husband generally a very busy man, so I decide to go to Dixons, and get them to lay by the iPod Nano & speakers.  There, I am deemed honest and reliable and, even though my surname is not the same as Husband's, they decide I can take the iPod and speakers away, and they give me a gift voucher for the remainder of the money. 

This is a blank voucher and has no name on so, being a good little wife (and hey, I was in town anyway!) I trot back to The Link to get the phone – don't want them to forget who it's for and it was the last one in stock.

Here comes the dilemma – Dixons have refunded me £120 too much and The Link do not give change for gift vouchers.


Do I go back to Dixons and fess up – getting the right voucher and losing the money


Do I say to Second Son, who is the only one left in the family with a poor(ish) phone *Hey, wanna new phone with a budget of £120" knowing full well he will say "Is the Pope a Catholic?  Do bears shit in the woods?" and grab voucher with both hands before I change my mind


Do I just bujy the First Son the original phone again losing the money?

After all, this money never really was mine in the first place and it could come back to bite me!

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2 Responses to A Moral Dilemma

  1. I say fess up and get the good karma

  2. AgentGabs says:

    aw man that's a tough one.While i usually would just keep the extra money, 120 is a lot (and i think in dollars it must be…um..$228..HOLYSHIT thats alot of money)in that case, give it back, while i'm all for keeping a few extra bucks when the cashier doesn't count right..120 is a bit much to be missing.and like BoonzaierBabe said, its totally good karma.plus you never know when it might come back and bite you in the ass.

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