Vox Hunt: Things To Do

Show us your to-do list.

1) Walk 2 miles – part of ongoing weight loss program (well, have already lost 2st / 10K) – DONE

2) Load a heap of books up to eBay DONE mind you, I thought they were nearer to uploading than they were!  Check them out if you are curious as to what I have read – I sell under the name bookmole, so if you do a search by seller, that one person called bookmole is me.

3) Prepare another load of books to upload to eBay – however, these are my daughter’s books, and we will be splitting profits – 25% to me for the effort, and 75% to her university fund.  WON’T BE DONE TODAY

4) Do Times crossword with Best Friend – will probably do the weekend’s (cryptic) Jumbo and, if we finish that, will check for the best free on-line cryptic available, which is the Private Eye one – well, any crossword where the answer might be The Dog’s Bollocks has got to be good! – DONE

5) Walk another 2 miles – sounds a lot, I know, but it is twice round my “block” listening to fast music on my iPod – takes about 25 minutes.  I try to do before breakfast, lunch and dinner – get exercised and is a good appetite suppressant.  HALF DONE – Walked round block once = 1 Mile

6) Check on VOX to see how many more good posts have been added since I last looked… Done and Doing LOL

7) Supermarket shop DONE – did an internet shop, had a voucher for free chocs but they had run out of chocs so am getting a gree box of wine instead.  result – I def prefer wine to chocs… Update Because I had to phone and complain about not getting the chocs (for which I received the wine), I have now had a mail with a £5.00 off my next shop voucher.  Not bad going for a three minute call.

Then see how much energy I have left to cook dinner, help with homework, talk to Husband about work & diving, watch a bit of TV, read some more of the current book, chill a bit, and go to bed.


About bookmole
I am pro-choice. You make yours, I'll make mine, okay?

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