QotD – Song Horoscopes

Saw an old QotD about Song Horoscopes – play your music library on shuffle and listen to the first 12 songs – this is my list.

1 – If (Lambert & Dimech Remix) by Rajuna. Have this on a comp called Dance Nation 6 and it is a mix featuring that oldie but goodie “If” by Rudyard Kipling (if you can keep your head when all around are losing yours).  And this is in my horoscope!?  A little concerned.

2 – What Sound by Lamb.  From the album What Sound – their best, I feel, and now they have split, so no more Lamb.  A song about love and loss and loving again.

3 – Because of You by Paradise – another dance track on a comp I rarely listen to.  But it’s better than I remember.  Good bass line. Another song of love and loss.

4 – Speed Me Towards Death by Rob Dougan –  I bought this entire, 2CD album for one track – Furious Angels – the whole album is about dying or betrayal of one kind or another.

5 – Pure Shores by All Saints – another track on a comp I rarely listen to.  And I am seriously beginning to wonder about where my life is heading, going by this playlist…

6 – My Immortal by Evanescence – My personal fave from Fallen.  More loss coming, methinks.

7 –  Days by The Kinks – A blast from the past.  I used to drool over Ray Davies.  And really, not all my songs are about love and loss.  Honest.  I mean it.

8 – Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox.  A great song.  And my last comment still stands.

9 – Want Me by Smokin Jowe call this the Stalking Song.  If you were an apple I’d eat you, if you were a box I’d get inside of you, if you were a pavement I’d walk on you – Why don’t you want me no more, why don’t you want me? Really, she has to ask?

10 – Born to Make You Happy by Britney – I much prefer this on B: the Remixes.  On a comp and I usually skip this.

11 – Spaced Invader by Hatiras featuring Slarta John on vocals – a parable about doing drugs.  And going clubbing.  And just life, really.  Good song.

12 – Axel F (Theme From Beverly Hills Cop} by Harold Faltermeyer

OK.  So, going by this playlist, I am gonna suffer loss in my love life or maybe just loss in general, get very depressed, slide into a life of drugs, stalk my ex, who is the only one for me, and get arrested some time real soon.





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