Is he a Good Man?




These are some of the flowers my husband got me for our 20th Wedding Anniversary. 

I say he got them – he got Best Friend to get them, because HE was diving in Gozo / Malta with his local Scuba Club.  These were the best – the roses didn’t last and never really opened properly, and the carnations were just carnations!

Downside – no husband for a week
Upside – no husband for a week.  And he found me a bracelet whilst at the bottom of the sea, so I now have real treasure and that feels rather neat!



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3 Responses to Is he a Good Man?

  1. Rosemarie says:

    Hey, I think he's a good husband 🙂 Afterall, even if he was away, at least he remembered and asked Best Friend to cover for him.On the other hand, it is 20 years. Too bad he wasn't there for the mark of another decade :(Any bracelet pictures? I'm curious!

  2. Our 12th wedding anv. was Sat. the first day of Autumn. :o) I'd love to see a pic of the brac. as well.

  3. Bookmole says:

    I guess I never should have got married on a 13th of the month – sure
    to be unlucky! Will get a photo up tomorrow – flash on my digicam
    is not good, so will wait for natural light – it is 8,15 pm here right
    now, and dark and rainy.

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