First Entry

Two days and counting.  The house seems quiet without her – the phone does not ring so much, there are fewer visitors, and the washing has decreased.  Sent out a care parcel today – hangers and Cuddly Toy, without which her University Life is going to be sad, sad, sad.

She is having a blast, I feel old and jealous – I have never envied her youth or her beauty but I now want to be young and and at Uni.

At least I have more time now.

And three more children to care for.



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5 Responses to First Entry

  1. 24SeVeN says:

    Couldn't post on the Sci Fi blog .. but wanted to post about some of your choices.. NOTE: I am not a HUGE Sci Fi (TV) fan..
    Never heard of Blake's 7… can't comment … English TV?
    Dr. Who Clasic .. that can not be debated.
    Star Trek… has mostly always been bad Sci Fi im my opinion… along with Star Wars… bleh
    Babylon 5… Almost good … almost…
    Coupling … like you said … British… sometimes us "Americans" don't get the good stuff.
    I think personally Firefly was one of the best Sci Fi series no idea if you guys ever got it there…
    Sci Fi Books:
    I just read Starship Troopers … Great book… um Battlefield Earth was a great one too … Neither were transfered of to the "big screen" very well…

    What do you recommend for Sci Fi books?

  2. Bookmole says:

    How deep? I mean, do you want nice easy reading for on a beach or
    a plane, or something that makes you think? I am a Makes You Think sort
    of SF reader (if I want beach/trip/easy, I go for crime, or Tom Holt /

    Michael Marshall's SF (not the crime books, tho those are good) are
    good – Spares is an unusual take on cloning, Market Forces is
    excellent. Jennifer Government (by an author I don't remember,
    but just google it, and you will find it!) is a good take on corporate
    consumerism, and Iain M Bank's Culture novels are just ace. Start
    with Consider Phlebas, and then work through them.

  3. 24SeVeN says:

    Hmmm .. if any book doesn't stimulate my mind I get upset but finish it anyway. I am not into crime .. but I am definately into cloning even though it has become a subject that has been written about a bit too much.
    Thanks for the recommendations I have them on my list of authors to try!
    If you like a though provoking book "A Game of Thrones" by George R R Martin is a great one… even though it is Not Sci Fi more so Sci Fi/Fantasy… it is written extremely well and is brain food on a whole new level… plots/subplots/twists/and turns… it is fabulous.

  4. AgentGabs says:

    Hi!, you commented on my movies so i thought i would give a shout back.I haven't had the chance to read through your blog yet (since like the silly college student i woke up 15 mins before class and already i notice i'm going to be late!) but just want to say i appreciate your for the Alien sage, i'm just scared that who ever gets a hold of the story will ruin it. (kinda like AvP…though entertaining…kinda cheesey)and Alice Hoffman wrote the Book Practical Magic…while kinda different from the movie, they're both really for the post i'm commenting on. Aw. you sound like my mom (at least thats what i think my mom must feel like) i (assuming) am like your daughter, kid stuck in college away from home trying to make her mark on the i said, i haven't given your blog the proper read through, but you seem cool, so i'm going to go ahead and "friend" you :)~gaby

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